Beginner Yoga Workshop Series

Are you ready to try Yoga? This workshop series is designed for the Beginner Yogie.  Learn the core basic postures, breathing techniques and meditation in this beginner workshop. We will demonstrate and practice poses together which will give you the foundation and confidence to start your Yoga journey.

My goal is to create a playful learning environment and increase your comfort for a joyful yoga practice.  We will focus on 15 core yoga poses.  Please sign up for the newsletter notification for the upcoming workshops.

Basic Yoga Workshop – Series 1 ( new dates coming soon)* offered in person & ZOOM

This workshop will introduce the basics of yoga from the ground up. Geared for the beginner who is looking to learn alignment of the poses. We will explore, demonstrate and practice core yoga poses, focusing on your alignment. During this session, we will use yoga blocks which help you deepen into the poses. And you will learn how the mind, body and breath work together in unison to enrich your experience.

Workshop Session: $35.00
Time: Two Hours
What you will need: Yoga mat, blocks, water, and towel.
Location: Celebration, Florida & On- Line Options

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